Study Abroad

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Have you been dragging your feet on the way to class lately? Do you fantasize about speaking phrases fluently in another language, or doing research in a field station deep in the rainforest? A period of time abroad will not only accomplish your academic goals, but also allow you to experience a new culture, language and environment. With more than 30,000 study-abroad programs, it’s easy to make your dream of studying abroad a reality.

  • Step 1: Choose the right project
  • Step 2: Figure out how to pay
  • Step 3: Prepare for an adventure
  • Step 4: Enjoy the best life of studying abroad
  • Step 5: Come back with a brand-new look

Parent-child camp

Suitable for students: 5-17 years old
Preview advantage: Multi-theme camp, help the dream take off. Experiential learning, learning language and character. Visit famous cities and colleges in Canada. Happy with children, let the growth of double wonderful.

Theme camp of your choice

According to their own learning interests and future goals, boys and girls can choose a summer camp and start a new learning journey with new teachers and friends:
  • Science and Creativity Camp
  • Sports and Adventure Camp
  • Arts and Media Camp
  • Independent Summer Camp
  • Music Camp

Wonderful theme parent-child tour

After the children finish the summer camp, there will be a wonderful parent-child tour. We will start the most charming trip together, create the most precious summer memories, visit famous universities in Canada, and exchange valuable information about studying abroad in advance

Euclid Competition Camp

Suitable for students: high school students
Preview of advantages: Effectively cultivate students' mathematical logic thinking, make like-minded international friends, broaden their horizon, and accumulate valuable qualifications for applying for world famous universities.

The Euclid Competition is the most prestigious and recognized competition in Canadian secondary schools. It is organized by the School of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo for students of all ages worldwide. Eurogame began in the 1970s and more than 200,000 students have taken part so far this year. In 2018, there were about 23,000 candidates from 1,850 different schools in more than 10 different countries and regions.

Overseas Art Camp

Suitable for students: ages 8-17

Preview: Visit the fashion capital of the world, talk to top designers in Paris, get a glimpse into the inner story of the fashion empire, and define the future efforts and aspirations.

The Overseas Art Summer Camp is supported by the Garment Trade Union Institute in Paris. LEGAC International Arts and Culture Exchange Center is one of the overseas study Tours led by students as the host organization in Canada.


Overseas art camps include: French costume design, jewelry identification masters camp, Global Outstanding Chinese Performers Competition Masters camp, French and Italian food etiquette fashion exchange masters camp, etc.

Summer overseas training program of Canadian Public Education Bureau

Suitable for students: primary and middle school students
Preview of advantages: let children enjoy world-class educational resources without going abroad.

The Canadian Public School Board’s Summer Overseas Training program sends senior Canadian English principals and teachers to overseas countries to provide students with training in Canadian English language and culture for a period of three years. The English training courses for students are designed by the professional teaching consultant of the Curriculum Office of Education Canada. The courses are taught by English teachers from the Public education Bureau who are native speakers of English, have teacher certificates and have received professional training. The most distinctive feature of the project is to flexibly implement the original Canadian English culture summer camp for students around the world, so that students can easily experience the essence of foreign education without going abroad.


Main Partners:

Public Education Board of Canada

Canada World Classroom Micro Study Abroad Experience Program

Applicable students: grade 5 to Grade 2

Preview of advantages: study and play with local Canadian students to improve language, broaden horizons and exercise myself.

To improve learning outcomes, the World Classroom Program stipulates that no more than 10 Chinese students are enrolled in each school and no more than four students in each class. Students required courses, elective courses are in complete accord with the Canadian local students, the students lived with her classmates to play in a rich and interesting course rapidly enhance the level of English speaking and listening and understanding, including western international politics, history, economy, literature and the knowledge of the respect, improve self management ability and the ability to live independently, learn to love each other, friendship without borders. Transcripts and diplomas will be issued at closing time.

Special Sports Summer Camp

Applicable students: 6-18 years old
Preview of advantages: Provide a larger platform for young people, but also provide better educational prospects for children.

In order to improve the all-round development of young people morally, intellectually and physically, and to provide more opportunities and possibilities for overseas young people, sports exchange platforms and special training are provided for young people. The founding purpose of the North American Center is to understand north American sports culture, excavate Special talents in North America, integrate hockey culture at home and abroad, and introduce excellent educational resources.