SSAT Course

SSAT Course

The SSAT is a standardized test used by admission officers to assess the abilities of students seeking to enroll in an independent school. It measures the basic verbal, math, and reading skills students need for successful performance in future study. Especially for literacy, critical thinking, accuracy and effectiveness are the three core elements of elite screening by private schools.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are preparing for a private school or not, the SSAT exam is the most effective tool that can help children break through their own limitations and improve their thinking and learning methods.

SSAT Basic
SSAT Intermediate
SSAT Sprint

Course Introduction

The SSAT Basic course is for all G5-G8 students who are ready to participate in the SSAT Middle/Upper Level intensive training, as well as students who plan to apply for the IB Program, North American private schools, or improve their English Report Card scores at school.

Our high-density, fully immersive SSAT basic course comes 40 hours in total, 2 hours each session. It helps students quickly complete the transition from SSAT basic phase to intermediate phase. The course materials are the official SSAT questions and the teaching content were independently developed by Sister Sophie.

Basic Course Outline

Unit 1
  • Sentence logic and vocabulary accuracy training
  • Part of speech learning
  • Sentence structure & Main clause
  • Summary + test 1 + feedback
Unit 2
  • Practices of using learned vocabularies and sentence structures
  • Integrated practices
  • Summary + test 2 + feedback
Unit 3
  • Learning reading structures and techniques
  • Vocabulary for reading tests
  • Summary + test 3 + feedback
Final Test
  • Sentence completion*2
  • passages*4

Course Introduction

The SSAT Intermediate course is divided into two levels, Middle Level for G5-G7, and Upper Level for G7-8, to prepare students for the SSAT exam in fall and IB Program study. It is also suitable for students who want to improve their English Report Card scores, and who want to develop critical thinking and academic accuracy.

Intermediate Level Outline

Unit 1: Sentence & Vocabulary
  • Sentence completion and vocabulary analysis
  • Meaning of the sentence and advanced vocabularies
  • 1st simulated test
Unit 2: Basic readings and analogy
  • Must-known passage structures and typical questions
  • Typical analogy questions and exercises
  • 2nd simulated test
Unit 3: Intensified reading and analogy
  • Intensified reading and analogy practices
  • 3rd & 4th simulated test

High Level Outline

Unit 1: Core Vocabulary
  • Distinguish and analysis advanced vocabulary and sentence completion
  • Must-know passage structures
  • 1st simulated test
Unit 2: Analogy
  • Typical analogy questions and exercises
  • 2nd simulated test
Unit 3: Reading and Synonym
  • Intensified close-reading exercises
  • 3rd & 4th simulated test

Course Introduction

The SSAT Sprint course is divided into two levels, the intermediate level is for G5-G7, and the upper level is for G7-8, which is the next stage of the intermediate course. The main purpose of this course is to allow students to improve their close reading ability, and also improve the speed, accuracy in the SSAT exam. It is suitable for students who want to achieve high scores in a short time.

The sprint course is 20 hours in 1 month as a term. There are 4 hours for two classes per week. Students will train through plenty of simulated test questions, they will have a clearer view on vocabulary, reading and writing questions and be ready for the real test.

Course provider by Sister Sophie