Online non-profit Educational Academy

The LEGAC Association has launched a global volunteer teacher initiative during the global epidemic of 2020 – the “Online non-profit Educational Academy”! Every volunteer teacher gave a lot of love, provided positive and patient interactions, and was very glad to have had this experience. Life is full of challenges, as long as we provide love this will give children the best self-growth ability.

LEGAC’s Little reporters are well versed in all aspects of arts, music, sports, academic of different fields such as math, science, social studies, English, French, Chinese, video editing, art, computer science, basketball, etiquette, concert performances, non-profit musical and one-on-one tutoring. All teachers take pride in their lessons with full commitment towards their students.

We have excellent reviews from parents of students in the past. This program enhances their self-motivation and personal development in all areas.

Through their experience of participating in this volunteer mentoring interaction on the non-Profit educational academy platform, they have perfectly transformed the volunteers into future social leaders who are well organized, proper responsibility, caring and appreciation.

We would like to thank the LEGAC Association for participating in this “Online non-profit Educational Academy ” for the families. Parents, teachers and volunteers for their hard work and full support! Let’s get our classes off to a perfect start and look forward to sharing the next installment.

Course provider by Life Education and Growth Association of Canada (LEGAC)