KOL Development

Is committed to develop overseas network reds, with large, diversified and personalized Internet “artist” exclusive resources, good at through the advantage resources, developing high quality media strategy, create more commercial work in line with market demand for the brand, the brand and product pickup ponints combined with promotion cycle, creation for the network hot spots, spread advertising into the subject. Through the incubation of independent development talent, it creates expert-type celebrities to recommend good things, and generates all-round and diversified content marketing driven by people, and finally becomes the web celebrity growth service platform.

Key Business

Talent incubator

Integrate the marketing resources of the whole enterprise, create exclusive talents for the brand, and create human-driven value for the brand

Brand output

Multi-channel content production and operation capabilities customize graphic/short video for the brand, and deliver brand internal and external value through content marketing

Endorsement of a project

In terms of e-commerce/social media ecology, web celebrity endorsement is used to increase popularity and exposure and generate revenue for the project

Operation Mode

  • Agent operation service - provide individual agent operation short video production, release, tap potential web celebrity
  • Quality content creation - create quality content and operation in life, entertainment, education, tourism, fashion and other aspects to create self-run web celebrity aggregation online traffic accumulation.
  • Cultivation and introduction - The company's short video business can be developed in an all-round way through both internal cultivation potential KOL and external contract star KOL.
  • Positive flow cycle - pay attention to web celebrity flow to the account matrix extension, drainage and cultivation of new people, forming a virtuous cycle

Empowerment System

Data analysis

Analysis report of channel operation status, disassemble the element of standard account

Information platform

To analyze and guide the overseas market development trend

Operating strategy

Develop a personalized operation strategy

Commercial brand

Customized content sales channels, global brand cooperation customers