Grades 5-12 — Happy French Training Course

French Training Course

Mastering a foreign language is like building a mansion. We must lay a solid foundation and train a set of “basic skills” in the foundation stage before we can move forward to a higher level. This is the importance of basic teaching.

The main objective of the French course is to enable students to master the basic knowledge and basic skills of French. As far as language teaching is concerned, it is to impart language knowledge, supplemented by a large number of language exercises, so that students can master correct pronunciation, basic grammar and a certain amount of vocabulary. As far as language teaching is concerned, it is to make students master the preliminary comprehensive ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing through repeated and large amount of practice, and lay a solid foundation for mastering fluent dialogue in the future.

Phonetic teaching

As we all know, pronunciation is the shell of a language, and pronunciation is the fundamental of the three elements of a language. Both vocabulary and grammar are reflected through pronunciation, which determines the position of pronunciation in foreign language learning and foreign language teaching. Accurate pronunciation, to understand each other’s words, to achieve the purpose of expressing and communicating ideas. To learn the language in the correct form stored in the brain, and in the correct form to reproduce it, so as to achieve the feeling of the language, and accurate pronunciation can ensure the most effective grasp of grammar and vocabulary, improve the actual use of language ability. This shows the importance of phonetics.

In order to help students better understand the differences in the pronunciation parts of related phonemes, the teacher will use simple diagrams to compare them, but more importantly, some methods to help them train their ability. After this kind of repeated training, most students can learn the basic correct pronunciation in a relatively short time.

Pronunciation and intonation are closely related. Correct pronunciation is the premise, but only mastering pronunciation is not enough. You must also learn the correct pronunciation and intonation of coherent sentences.

Common sense teaching of French grammar

To learn a language well, it is important to lay a solid foundation. Words alone are not enough. You have to find a way to put the words together into sentences, which requires conjugation and coordination of verbs. Person, tense, simple and plural, Yin and masculine, object position, one cannot be less. Memorizing conjugation of verbs is the prerequisite for fluency. This takes a lot of work. There are no shortcuts. Daily practice is essential, as well as using your mind and heart to try to find common ground and find patterns.

Once you have sentences, try to make them into a paragraph or an article. Here, the most important thing is to choose different related words and clauses according to the logical relationship and emphasis. French is a very methodical language, and small words carry a lot of weight.

Implement the principle of “intensive talk, more practice”

Intensive teaching is not to speak less, but to highlight the key points, grasp the key points, for students may produce difficulties, doubts, with concise language teaching. More practice is to make the students digest and absorb and skillfully use various training forms such as sentence making, translation or question and answer by drawing inferences from one another. The advantages of this approach are as follows: firstly, its “forces” students to practice their brains and words, which can break the stagnant situation of teaching and thus activate the classroom atmosphere; The second is through the students say, write, read, can not only check the teacher’s teaching effect, but also can understand the students’ understanding and mastery of knowledge. In the process of practicing any kind of understanding, do not understand the phenomenon of pretending to understand can be “exposed”.

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