Fencing Camp

Fencing Camp

Fencing has been featured in every modern Olympic Games since 1896, known as the Games of the I Olympiad, starting with the individual men’s foil and sabre.

The Junior World Fencing Championships are an annual international fencing competition held by the International Fencing Federation for athletes up to 20 years old.

The Ivy League Fencing Championships (officially, the Ivy League Fencing Round-Robins) is an annual tournament to determine the Ivy League standings in men’s and women’s fencing.

The NCAA Fencing Championships are awarded at the annual tournament held in March to determine the NCAA‘s national collegiate individual and team championships in fencing.

Summer Foil/ Epee High Performance Camp

9:30-12:30     Warm-up Games (outdoor), Footwork Drills, Pair drills, Electric Bouting

1:30-4:30       Seminar, Structured Electric Bouting, Fitness training


Summer Camp Beginner Level Program

For ages 6 -10

Join us for an opportunity to participate and learn about the Olympic sport of fencing! Participants will have the chance to learn basic fencing movements through different games and activities. They will also be able to develop better coordination & flexibility with our fitness activities.

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