Education Consulting

Application for prestigious schools · Visiting schools · Background improvement · Education planning

One-stop, customized college entrance planning program, independent education consultant to check the whole process, from the needs, to provide professional, scientific systematic consultation, the development of the overall solution.

Independent Education Consultant

  • The process of finding the right school, college, or course for your child is one of the most important decisions your family can make.
  • IECA members' independent education consultants ensure that you will work with professionals with recognized expertise, who have been thoroughly vetted and demonstrate the highest standards of education, training, ethics and experience.

Applying top schools

Young culture

The biggest advantage is in providing excellent reading, math and science learning programs at the elementary and middle school levels. Create interactive and supportive learning environments for children and integrate innovative learning methods and technologies to enhance learning.

The universal high school

Canadian high schools attract families from all over the world with their excellent teaching quality, flexible curriculum and high cost performance. No matter public, private, noble or missionary secondary schools are open to the outside world. They are open to international students. They have a wide selection of subjects and adopt the credit system: compulsory courses and elective courses, pay attention to cultivating creativity and teamwork, and there is no college entrance examination system.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Canadian universities have always been among the best in the world. We recommend the most suitable undergraduate and postgraduate courses according to the applicant’s own conditions and future career development direction and assist in the application process, making the application process easier.

Service Process

Background Evaluation

Deeply understand the basic information of students, collect information for analysis

Personality customization

According to the students’ situation, the professional consultant tutor makes accurate analysis and provides school selection plan

Materials submitted

Net application materials fill in, materials submitted on time, to ensure the accuracy of information

Apply for tracking

Follow up the application progress layer by layer and follow up the application progress throughout the whole process

The interview counseling

Professional interview teacher one-on-one coaching, from appearance to interview skills to give relevant guidance