Art Creation Specialty Course

Art Creation Specialty Course

Every year for the students elaborates different international art competition, and organize the students to Europe, America, Asia and other countries for “learning communication face to face with the international design masters” master of international studies, the master will guide the students to prepare a distinctive and representative of the complete portfolio, and make full preparations for the college application.

Disciplines for supervising artistic creation:

  • Master Professional Guidance Class for Grades 5-12 (Zero Foundation)
  • Master professional instruction class for grades 5-12
  • Portfolio Planning Guidance Class for Grade 11-12

Master Professional Guidance Class for Grades 5-12 (For 0 Basis)

After integrating the professional knowledge and techniques of sketch, color, sketch and intermediate creation of junior high school and senior high school, this course is specially designed for teenagers who have no foundation and want to improve their artistic creation quickly. From basic painting professional knowledge to practice to further improve, and then to the details of the add and organization frame, etc., at the same time in the process of learning to let the students have their own material library can be simple for the painting creation, and cultivate the students to grasp the method of painting, rather than a single drawing objects, exercise their own artistic thinking Draw the thought.

Master professional instruction class for grades 5-12

Strengthen professional knowledge, and according to different design professional direction to strengthen professional learning, let the students have the art of thinking independently and to express through painting, exercise the independent creative ability and design ability to learn and study direction to strengthen professional training, picture books, computer graphics, graphic design, sculpture, etc. And for collection.

Portfolio Planning Guidance Class for Grade 11-12

Give the students more professional direction of art training, let the students learn to their own thinking and performance and select the appropriate media field, and improve the alternative imagination and creative thinking, strengthen professional skills training learning direction, make each work design is delicate and lifelike, cultivating artistic life with the combination of talent, and guide students in their biggest create the ability to complete each work. Collection is not only for entrance, but through the collection of each work to make their own quality and exquisite and breakthrough, the life of planning and design, different design fields will show different creative thinking, to keep pace with The Times of art in different fields to the most perfect embodiment.

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