About Us

FancyTour Canada Inc. “focus on Canada and be an expert”. The team of the company is deeply immersed in Canada, proficient in all kinds of education, study abroad and business investment. Also, the team grasps the most cutting-edge information in real time, creates the best plan for customers, to seek the maximum benefits and obtain the highest success rate. In terms of education services that Chinese families are concerned about the most, our team directly talks with The Canadian district school boards and brings the most competitive Canadian education to Chinese students through field research. With FancyTour, customers can experience more optimized and personalized value-added services such as study abroad, exclusive private services for top universities, one-stop services of education, employment, customized services of business investigation in Canada, new immigrants benefit application/tax declaration guidance, family camp in Canada, etc.

Our Story

In 2015, FancyTour Canada Inc. officially settled in Toronto with the approval and registration in Travel Industry Council of Ontario. Its business scope includes a full range of travel services such as domestic travel, flight tickets and hotel reservations. Based on the service pursuit of rooting in Canada and bringing customers the ultimate experience, our team has continuously developed and improved tourism products and customized private tourism services. It has established good cooperative relations and business contacts with travel agencies, hotels and fleets across Canada, and has determined to continuously pursue excellent service quality on the basis of meeting customers’ needs. In 2016, our company formed a strategic partnership with For You Quality Immigration Solutions and began to get involved in the field of Canadian overseas education and immigration.


After nearly a year of integration and upgrading, in 2017, FancyTour’s services cover the fields of studying abroad, education, tourism and settlement in Canada. Our team is composed of licensed education consultants, senior copywriters, professional wealth management consultants, real estate investment evaluation consultants, career planning consultants and exclusive VIP customer service. Our goal is to build a safe and efficient channel for Chinese families to study, educate, live and work in Canada with sincere and high-quality service.


In 2017, FancyTour joined LEGAC Association to help children better develop their talents and embrace a brighter future.

In January 2019, FancyTour officially set up branches in Hangzhou and other cities in China. The closer distance enables us to better understand customers’ needs, better accompany Chinese children to a greater stage of life, and better help Chinese families to live and work in peace and contentment in Canada.

In January 2020, Vancouver branch and US branch were established, which indicates that our standardized professional services are spreading all over the world.

With our small step close to the achievement of your big leap. From China to Canada, FancyTour Canada Inc. will accompany you all the way.