About Us

Fancytour “focus on Canada, to be an expert”. The company team is deeply rooted in Canada, proficient in all kinds of education, overseas study, investment business, real-time grasp the most cutting-edge information, to plan the best plan for customers, seek the greatest benefits, obtain the highest success rate. In terms of education services that Chinese families are most concerned about, the company team directly talks with The Canadian public education Bureau and universities, and through field research, brings the most competitive Canadian education to Chinese students. Focus makes you more professional. In maple road international, you can not only enjoy more optimization service, also can experience more personalized value-added services, such as with mom and quick sole together top-tier universities student immigration services, student service and studying entrepreneurship one-stop services, in private custom services and business investigation, new immigrants parent-child camp welfare application/tax guidance, Canada, and so on.

Our Brand Story

In 2015, After being approved and registered by The Tourism Bureau of Ontario, Canada, Fancytour officially settled in Toronto, and its business scope includes inbound tourism, air ticket and hotel reservation and other comprehensive tourism services. Company team takes root in Canada, bring customer service pursuit of extreme experience, continuous development, improve the tourism products and custom service, private tourism and travel agencies, hotels, and Canada has established good relations of cooperation with the business team, aspire to in meet the demand of customers on the basis of constant pursuit of excellence, keep improving the service quality. In 2016, our company established a strategic partnership with Your Immigration company in Canada and started to set foot in the field of Canadian overseas study and education.

Upgrade after nearly a year of consolidation, in 2017, maple road holiday officially changed its name to “maple road international”, services related to Canada to study, education, tourism, housing, and other fields, by a licensed education consultant, senior copywriter, professional wealth management consultants, real estate investment evaluation, education and career planning consultancy, exclusive VIP customer service personnel of professional team, in good faith and the high quality service for Chinese families to study happily, education, housing, Canada to build up the safe and efficient channels.

In 2017, Fancytour joined hands with LEGAC Association to help children better develop their talents and embrace a greater future.

In January 2019, Fancytour officially set up branches in Hangzhou, Zhejiang and other places. The closer distance enables us to better understand your needs, better accompany Chinese children to a greater stage of life, and better help Chinese families to live and work in Canada.

The arrival of the Vancouver branch and the US branch in January 2020 also indicates that our standardized professional service footprint is spreading all over the world.

With our small step close, achievement you a big leap. From China to Canada, Fancytour will accompany you all the way.