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Adventure Travel

Provide professional tourism services

including bus tours, group hospitality, and business trips


With a professional tour guide team,

committed to provide high quality, personalized service


Set out from the North American culture

create an unique overseas travel experience for guests

Educational Consulting

Application for prestigious schools · Visiting schools

Background improvement · Education planning


One-stop customized education planning program

independent education consultant to follow the entire process


From the demand, to provide professional and scientific consulting system

the development of the overall solutions

Youth Education

Universal High School

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Learning Abroad

Turn your learning abroad dreams into reality

experience foreign culture

expand international vision

enrich life experience


Professional personalized study tour

explore dream schools

focus on personal interests

enjoy the real international education

achieve in the future

Career Planning

From the dream, based on existing achievements

establish a career direction


Break through the existing pattern, shape a clear self

Discover new career opportunities and enhance personal competitiveness

KOL Development

Manage multiple personalized “we media” accounts

through high-quality media resources


Integration of creative solutions

human-driven all-round derivative diversified content marketing


With KOL as the core culture

professional overseas KOL growth service platform will be built

through independent development and incubation

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